October 18, 2011

Kids View: Dust

What is the Game About?

You try to earn points by taking territory, capturing power sources (they look like targets), and building up an army. You can build tanks, mechs, fighters, bombers and subs. You also have to protect your capital and your power sources so that you don't lose points and so you can build things. You also cannot build things without your power sources. You use special dice in battles. The game also has cards. They are used to give you a certain amount of actions, to tell you what turn order you go in, and give you a special action for that turn. My favorite special card is Sigrid who lets you re-roll all of the misses in one battle roll. The first player to 30 points wins the game.

What do I Like?

It is not that complicated and I like the strategy because you have to concentrate on the power sources and on capitals. You don't have to worry as much about the whole world. The mech figures are really cool. The cards are easy to follow because they don't have words and they give you lots of choices.

What do I Dislike?

It is hard to play on the floor because the board is like a puzzle and doesn't fit together very well. I do not like the Mech Dropper card when some one else has it because it lets them attack with too many mechs and take you out really easy.

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