October 03, 2011

Gaming with Kids: Dice Practice

I think a little practice in dice rolling will help me win games. We have a lot of war games that use dice, but my brother says we don't have enough. The games that I like to practice rolling in are: Samurai Swords, Conquest of the Empire, Attack!, Magnifico, Warlords of Europe, Axis & Allies, Dust, and Risk. I will make two different armies and set them up. Sometimes I'll make the armies even and sometimes I'll make one larger than the other, so I can practice when the odds are against me. Most of the games have rules about which order the different units can roll in battle. But if it lets you choose, then I'll practice rolling in different orders to see which results work best. I'll keep track of which order works best and roll the same way during the game. I like to roll in the box lid, but not too hard. If you roll on the table, you're more worried about the dice falling off (which doesn't count) instead of rolling well. Plus you can roll the dice all over the board and mess things up. Most of all, you need to remember which dice hit the most for you. Sometimes if they're all the same color with the same number of sides, it's hard to remember, but try to make sure you always roll those in all your battles!

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