October 04, 2011

CFB: How Do Cornhuskers Vent?

Apparently by destroying paper towel dispensers in Madison airport bathrooms.  Particularly a certain Nebraska defensive lineman who needed to let out some steam after his team's 48-17 thrashing at the hands of the Wisconsin Badgers in Nebraska's Big-10 debut.  The vaunted "Black Shirts" were definitely taken to school Saturday night.  The offending defender was sited and fined for destruction of property and local security seems to be happy that was the extent of incidents from disgruntled players and fans.  At least he waited until a moment when no one would get hurt.  Or perhaps he's a tree hugger and this was some sort of environmental rage?  And, then again, maybe the paper just got all bunched up and jammed in the device?  I know that happens to me all the time and I want to rip those stupid things off the wall, too.

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