October 25, 2011

Gaming Report: Dominion, Mag Blast

Seems like we have a routine around here – which is logical as you need one when raising seven kids!  The weather was gorgeous, again – I can't believe it was the "Third Saturday in October" (go Vols!), and yet it was 73 degrees!  So we enjoyed football and bikes and trampoline and other things outside.  We only snuck in a few quicker games inside.

I played Dominion with the boys.  This game is a really nice fit for my kids, in particular, because of their background and enjoyment with Pokémon.  For those familiar with that collectible card game, my kids really appreciate that there is no number limit on a single card in Dominion.  Many times when putting a Pokémon deck together, they wish they could include more than four of some cards.  With Dominion, they can just go after whatever they want, regardless of the number of copies already in their deck.  But then again, this leads them to loading up on particular favorites and tardy acquisitions of Victory cards.  Therefore, perhaps a single card limit would be of benefit in teaching how to balance your deck?

I also got in a few games of Mag Blast with Lilly.  She's really taken a shine to this mad-cap gem.  I like it because it is quick to set-up, play, and break down.  It takes up little space (well, certainly a two-player session).  Plus it requires relatively little concentration – so we can play on the floor while I watch football.  For some reason, Lilly is extremely unlucky at this game.  At least I don't think I can chalk up all my victories to skill, given the nature of the game, but I routinely destroy her and really have no explanation as to why.  The fact that she keeps requesting to play, then, I feel is testament to the title's enjoyability.

On a concluding note, I hope to expand these gaming session "reports" in the very near future by including a few shots of our games in progress and some further thoughts from the kids.  Maybe have them give it a go at writing some reports, as well...

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