October 17, 2011

Gaming Report: Kingsburg, Red November

As usual, we had to squeeze some gaming in around a full schedule.  The next kid in line wanted Kingsburg.  And then the kid choosing after that went with the same selection!  I think that’s a pretty good endorsement for a game’s child friendliness.  You can read my latest review, if you did not see it already, but this is a very nice introductory Euro game.  Very attractive, good range of choices that do not overwhelm you, and with dice!  Once again, it is clear that you cannot concentrate on military alone.  Our first game was only three-player, with Cory edging out the win on a nice balance of military and religious buildings.  Our second game is not complete (due to unforeseen circumstances), but I’m currently trying out a “diplomatic” strategy with the bottom row towards the Embassy to generate a victory point after every season.

Then with visits for the foster kids on Saturday, Cory and I boarded the Red November.  He really likes this title.  He now asks for it more than Mag Blast, even.  We scrambled like chickens with our heads cut-off until a missile malfunction in the 95th minute turned out our boat in to glass – or would have if we weren’t underwater.  This game is always tense and right up to the final minutes.  We actually had the Kraken threat this game, but were able to kill it before eating us.  However, with only two gnomes left to deactivate the missiles, that entire half of the sub was on fire with a blocked hatch in the way!

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