October 03, 2011

Gaming Report: Attack!, Mag Blast, Red November

The weekend was a little easier, schedule-wise, but it was also absolutely beautiful, weather-wise.  So we spent some good time outside, and managed a little gaming, too.  Kids were in-and-out, too, with visits and spending the night at other places - so no 5 player sessions.  The main game was (is) a 4 player game of Attack!  This light, dudes-on-a-map, strategy dice-fest still takes us a minimum 3 hours, so it's one that gets played over several days as we have time.  It is still set-up as of this posting with hopes to wrap up tonight.

For a little while, it was just me and my son, so we got in a couple 2 player games of Mag Blast and Red November.  He quickly destroyed me in Mag Blast even though his race was weak.  We blasted away at each other with a fury, destroying many fleet ships until he played the dreaded "blast-direct hit-catastrophic hit" combo on my command ship - game over!  Then we spent a frenzied hour aboard the Red November.  Or actually I should say 56 minutes.  That's right we were four minutes from rescue when our boat was crushed in the deep depths of the Baltic Sea.  Crazy thing was that I managed to get in the engine room with an engine manual, but it was on fire, which means I had to extinguish that first!  Didn't get that last turn.  We got our revenge on, well...um...fate, I suppose...in a 3 player game later in the weekend.  Perhaps it was an anomaly, but that game was not as frantic?  Either we were extremely lucky or the 3 player version is not as optimal.  Of course, there are a couple of variants to add that could ratchet up the destruction upon the next 3 player voyage which we set sail.

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