February 25, 2012

Kids View: Bang! The Bullet

What is the Game About?

You have a secret role - either the sheriff, a deputy, an outlaw, or the renegade. The renegade is supposed to kill the outlaws first and then the sheriff and be the last man alive. The sheriff is trying to kill the outlaws and the renegade. The outlaws only have to kill the sheriff. The deputy is trying to protect the sheriff by killing the outlaws and the renegade. To shoot other players, you have to play Bang! cards, but you can only use one each turn. You can play other cards that give you protection, or let you shoot farther, or heal you. You can also play a Missed! if someone shoots you. You also get special character that you play as the whole game and that person gives you different abilities.

What do I Like?

You can win the game no matter what role you are. Even though everyone knows who the sheriff is, the deputy will secretly help him and the renegade doesn't want to kill him first. I won the first 7 games of Bang! that we played! I was the renegade once, the sheriff twice, an outlaw 3 times, and even the deputy. I also was never killed!

What do I Dislike?

The green border cards are hard to keep because you have to lay them down before you can use them. The renegade is the hardest to play and I wish there was another teammate. If you are the sheriff and kill a deputy, there is a huge penalty - you lose all your cards in play and in your hand. I want to make a house rule that if you try to punch somebody, but they play an Iron Plate (which acts as a Missed!), then that means you hit that instead with your fist and broke your hand and have to lose your next turn! Dad says, "He'll think about it."

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