February 15, 2012

Gaming Report: Bang! The Bullet and Mag Blast

For his birthday, we bought our son Bang! The Bullet.  Okay, fine, yeah, I bought our son Bang! The Bullet. So, what's your point...?!  This card game was high on his wishlist and he has actually been asking for it since seeing a couple of video reviews on the Geek - like months ago!  I'll do a full review in time. We've played three 5-player sessions in the past week.  Cory must have some "birthday boy mojo" as he's been on the winning team all three times - in fact he's yet to be gunned down!  In our inaugural game, he pinned on the shiny, plastic star and cleaned out the town.  Then in the next two games, he was the last outlaw standing after ruthlessly sending the sheriff off to Boot Hill in a rough-hewn, pine box.  Well, actually, he played an Injun card to take care of the last lawman - and that's when he couldn't shoot her because she was holed up in a hideout and out of gun range!  Hope comes ever so close - she has the touch for drawing the really good cards, for some reason.  So far on the plus side: a unique and fun theme, fluid mechanics, good balance, replayability, and great value.  On the minus side: some rules ambiguity, too many Missed! cards, questionable length, and alcohol (I'll explain latter).

This is just such a cool pic! From the blog peaeater.com.

Yes, we have the silly art edition. And dig it!

This all, naturally, led to some rounds of Mag Blast.  I'm not sure I documented how many, but probably four or five games of between 3- to 4-players.  Which means that I stood not a chance in any of them.  My kids seem to think I'm more comfortable with my particles scattered across the cold, vastness of space - so they gang up on me.  In two player combat, I can hold my own and admit I'm very lucky with the card draws to do so (especially since I get the Recyclons a lot, who get to draw reinforcements every time a ship anywhere is destroyed).  In the massively chaotic, George Lucas inspired, multi-player space battles - not so much.  However, at least in one game this week I know, I was not the first player vaporized!  So perhaps something build on...

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