September 26, 2011

Gaming Report: Lifeboat, Cribbage, and Rummy

Once again it was a packed and busy weekend with family visiting from out-of-town because of my youngest daughter's 4th birthday.  The kids and I got in a couple games of Lifeboat, including one in which we introduced the game to my 12-year old nephew - a new hobby gamer, maybe?!  I think my next review will be on this cutthroat, little gem and I'll have the kids weigh in on it, too, next time we play.  This game can cause some "issues" because it involves things like shooting the person next to you in the face with a flare gun.  Some feelings will get hurt, but it's manageable.  I won the first game as the Captain with Sir Stephen as my ally (he loved me - which may sound disturbing if you're not familiar with the game - but its legit - trust me).  I had to avoid fights with the First Mate.  The second game I was Sir Stephen but unfortunately I loved myself (now, come on, admit it, you're intrigued) and so had no ally.  My kids like to gang up on me when possible, and I was knocked unconscious and thrown overboard - end of game for me!

While I game with my kids the most, I do get to play with adults, sometimes!  And that is generally when hanging out with family.  I've been playing cribbage since my grandparents taught me in high school.  My mom and I play when we're visiting one place or the other, so we got a few games of that it.  It's a really enjoyable game and I recommend it for those interested in different types of card games beside ones like poker, rummy, hearts, and spades.  Those are all good, too, though, and I played some rummy, as well.  In fact, that is one of the few games my teen daughter likes to play, so I enjoy it for that reason alone, really.  But there's only so much to the game - basic set collecting and hope you draw the right cards.  But replayability isn't the goal/focus in standard card games.  In fact, I think I need to write on replayability.

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