September 05, 2011

Gaming Report: Dominion, Red November

Spent the weekend in Green Bay, WI, at my brother-in-law's and family.  He's a huge Pokemon player.  He and my nephew (10) play in a club, of sorts, up there every week at an awesome FLGS called Gnome Games.  They also play, and do very well, in tournaments up there.  Gnome Games supports pretty much all of the major gaming hobbies with open play, sponsored and official tournaments, and more, including Magic, L5R, board gaming, and miniatures.

Anyway, last time they were down here in Illinois, I introduced him to Dominion thinking it'd be right up his alley - as a Pokemon veteran.  Success!  So I brought it with me this weekend, even though it was going to be a busy one.  We did get one play in - which he won.  And since my kids also like to play Pokemon (though we're much more casual), we joined them at their weekly gathering at Gnome Games.  I, of course, couldn't get out of there without a purchase, so we now have Red November in the collection.  That night, instead of a rematch of Dominion, my brother-in-law asked to try out the new game.  Rock on!  I'm sure he won't abandon Pokemon for the hobby gaming ship, but it looks like he'll be more than keen to jump into any genre of game when he's here, or we're there.  And that's a win.

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