September 10, 2012


Well, I'm just into my second week as an official contributor to the gaming blog iSlayTheDragon.  I'm quite stoked with the opportunity and experience.  Founder Futurewolfie and stalwart partner FarmerLenny have a much more streamlined and professional-looking web presence than my own here a Kinderspiel.  Of course, that is to be expected as our two blogs' underlying purposes are quite different, too.

I've followed iSlayTheDragon for the past year - as long as I've been blogging - and when they recently solicited help in expanding their web site, I thought long an hard.  Okay, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic.  But I was certainly interested for a number of reasons.  First, I've been blogging for a year now (as I said), and had been debating whether to continue with it or try to approach it differently.  Second, two of the foster kids that I gamed with and who helped contribute to the blog left our house to return home - changing the dynamics of my gaming/blogging lifestyle.  And also mostly, the kids did not "get into" blogging like I thought they might.  When we first started a year ago, they were excited to take pictures, offer opinions, and even do some brief write-ups.  The novelty has appeared to wear off, however.  They still want to play the games, but they're not so interested in post-game, hobby expository.

Despite my two-month posting silence, I'm still keen to blog, though.  Even if not as much, or in a different manner.  So beginning last week, Kinderspiel will morph into a bit more casual tone with shorter pieces and lighter commentary.  Perhaps some minor thoughts on the hobby or session recaps - if I can remember those pics!  Maybe some exploration in RPGs, especially what with our planned Mouse Guard sessions (I'm close to finishing up the print and produce material).  Meanwhile, I will add my game reviews and deeper thoughts over at iSlayTheDragon from here on forward.  I hope to add a unique perspective there with an eye toward the family gaming experience, especially towards kids.

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