May 17, 2012

RPG Play: Monkey Pirates Interlude

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Monkey Pirates and the Nutty Stranger
Date Played: May 5, 2012

The Captain, Shiver Paw, and Blue Tail head to their favorite watering hole, the Leaning Banana, for some banana slushies.  They have much to decide.  Should they sell the amulet now?  Or first find out what it does, if anything?  Do they wear it to look pretty?  Walking down the creaky boardwalk to the tavern, they see a disheveled monkey lying about just off the path.  She has a strange spark in her eyes.  As the three approach, the loiterer straightens up proudly and brightly beams, “I love an adventure!”

The trio exchange glances and Captain Smith noncommittally replies, “Uh, that’s nice.”  Increasing their pace, they try to sidle past.

“Wait,” says the homeless primate, “I’d like to join your pirate band.”

The captain looks at her seriously.  “I’m sorry, we have no use for pirates who don’t do anything.”

“I can work,” she exclaims.  “And I’m good at getting things from other monkeys.”

He thinks quickly.  “Hmmm, good debater, eh?”

She looks up innocently.  “Well, not exactly.  They just get tired of listening to me so they give me whatever I want, so I’ll go away.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what,” Smith begins to bargain, “you find some bloke named Reginald Coxcomb for us, and you can join us as a full pirate.  But,” he cuts off her growing smile, “if you fail, we’ll make you the butler.  Deal?”

She seems overly excited.  “Deal!”

“So, what’s your name,” asks the friendly Blue Tail.

“Patchey McNuttey!  Now, follow me,” she shouts over her shoulder as she leads them into the tavern.

“Oh, snap,” says Shiver Paw.

(Lilly's character) Patchey McNuttey
  • Pirate - 5
    • Swords - 6
    • Sailing - 4
  • Monkey - 3
    • Climbing - 4
    • Chatter - 2
Quote:  "I love an adventure!"
Reputation:  Insanely crazy.
Description:  Stripped tail, always smiling, awkwardly nutty.
Favorite Thing:  My invisible friend, Jack.

Lilly rolls a Chatter test to find information on Coxcomb needing a 3 on the monkey die and a 2 on the chatter die.  She rolls a 4,4 and succeeds on her first ever test!

[Lilly narrated] Patchey starts right away with the first tavern-goer she sees, some ugly raccoon.  He says he’s never heard of Reginald Coxcomb, but points to some other pirate in the room that might.  Well, that pirate has never heard of him, but he also points to a different pirate in the room who might.  Strangely, he’s never heard of the man, either.  But, as you might guess, he points to another.  Watching the episode, Shiver Paw whispers to the other two over in the corner, “She must have been here before.”  Anyway, Patchey bounces from pirate to pirate like a rubber ball asking the same question until she finally comes to the last one at a dark table in the back.  There slumps an alligator with a look of defeated exasperation as Patchey approaches.

“Do you know where Reginald Coxcomb lives,” asks Patchey in a bubbly voice.

“Yes,” the gator replies gruffly.  “How long’s this gonna take?”

“I just want to know where to find him.  My new friends are looking for him.”

“Oh, well,” he says happily surprised, “you know the caves on the southeast part of the island.” Patchey nods in affirmation.  “He’s in the smallest one.”

The new pirate band member says, “Thanks,” and turns to rejoin the others before the informant adds, “Oh, uh, watch out for the bats.  And, um, especially the bat droppings.”

The four seafaring brigands basically run to the cave complex in their excitement.  They did not realize anything lived there.  The caves are used for hiding loot, storing the ice for the Leaning Banana’s slushies, and weddings.  Arriving at the geological abode, they see Coxcomb – a large, plump, red New Hampshire rooster – pecking and snacking off the ground.  His head pops up as the pirates enter and he nervously looks around.  He blurts out, “What do you want?”

The captain approaches with the book in hand.  “We want to know if you can read this, sir.”

“Can’t you see its supper time?”  He shakes his head.  “The manners of some people!”

“Well,” shrugs John Smith, “we are pirates.”

Lilly rolls a Chatter test to get Coxcomb to translate the book needing a 3 on the monkey die and a 2 on the chatter die.  She rolls a 3,2 and barely succeeds.

[Lilly narrated] At first, Coxcomb says, “No!”  But then Patchey gives him a sad puppy dog look, which is really hard for a monkey, and so he says, “Oh, fine, give me the book!”

Coxcomb flips to the page that Smith already has marked and looks intrigued as he scans the page.  “Interesting,” he hums, “this is a very old Orangutan script.  I have not seen this for many years.”

“Can you read it,” asks Blue Tail.

He squints at them impatiently.  “I will try, but I may be a bit rusty.  I presume you’re looking at this amulet, here.”  They all nod in unison.  “It seems that it is called the Amulet of Bongo and it gives its owner control over nature itself – but only at the price of resurrecting the ghost of the Dread Captain Orangebeard.  Evidently, Bongo was a powerful sorcerer and set the amulet to defeat a mad witch who aligned herself with Orangebeard and gave him strange powers.  Then suddenly at the great showdown, and sadly anti-climatically for those who love great adventure, Orangebeard died from a hornet sting.  It seemed he was allergic to bees and went into analeptic shock.  Before his witch could save him, Bongo cast his soul into the amulet's jewels.  That was over 600 years ago.  However, resurrecting Orangebeard today would be…”


“…unpredictable, I think is the best translation.”

“Let’s just sell it to some rich person who doesn’t know what it is,” plans the captain.

“No,” warns the chicken.  “It must be destroyed.  The longer it remains in this world, the greater the chance it will fall into the wrong hands.  If Orangebeard is summoned, he cannot be stopped by mortal monkeys, and the Ape Isles could be destroyed.  But,” he pauses reading more intently, “there is one way to stop him.”

“How,” asks Shiver Paw, starring intently.

“It says here, the dagger, called Bombus, and forged by Bongo himself, can slay the Dread Captain’s ghost.  Its last known whereabouts was in Skull Cave on Cannibal Island.”

Blue Tail sighs, “Not another cave…”

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