August 31, 2011

CFB: The. Manliest. Game. Ever.

Listen closely.  Do you hear that?  Like the crescendo of an orchestral melody as Maureen O'Hara gazes longingly upon Erroll Flynn.  That's right - the sound of the world frolicking in a dreamy field of daisies, as it does every Labor Day Weekend, when D-1 college football kicks off again!  As it does tomorrow night!

Well, apparently Division II has already begun.  With a fury.  Virginia Union hosted St. Augustine (Raleigh, NC) to open the season during a freakin' hurricane!  Irene, to be exact.  Every player, staff, and administrator involved deserves a gold plated lifetime Man Card.  Including the 80+ idiots, er die-hards, that attended the game.  Every man jack of them.  Even the women.

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